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Hybrid IT

Perfect Balance: Hybrid does it.

Cloud adoption is surging as organizations seek the benefits delivered by new technologies such as mobile, social, big data and the internet of things. At the same time CIOs and their departments are increasingly faced with the issue of striking a balance between the many conflicting demands being placed on the IT infrastructure.

How do you ensure that business units have the agility to act and deploy new solutions, increasingly cloud based, yet ensure governance and compliance are not compromised? How do you nail down data availability 24/7, across geographies and across devices and yet be certain that privacy and security will not be breached? How do you achieve all of this and yet have a prudent IT budget?

The answer lies in a cleverly architected and seamlessly integrated Hybrid IT environment with a governance framework that matches the new pace of business, and the flexibility to adapt and evolve with changing business needs. By blending the best of cloud powered and on-premise IT, the balance that large organizations seek is the balance that Hybrid delivers.

And with more than 5,000 large scale implementations globally, no one does Hybrid better than Fujitsu.


Business Enablement and Growth

Today’s digitally enabled and networked nature of global markets means businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to scale and grow - sometimes at lightning speed, as the appearance of many ‘billion dollar startups’ in the last few years so aptly exemplifies. 

Growth might mean expansion into new geographies and market segments - with a need for scalable, on demand, pay as you go IT services. For others, growth might come via digital transformation - enabling faster time to market and improved collaboration between partners, suppliers and customers. 

And for some, including those in the public sector, growth might mean the ability to deliver services more efficiently and effectively via improved data analytics and better availability of information and insight for planners, front line staff and even customers. 

With cloud enabled services being integral to Hybrid IT, it is ideally suited to deliver all this and more. Fujitsu’s own globally connected public and private cloud along with our portfolio of partner cloud services mean we are well placed to help you leverage cloud effectively..

Importantly, a well managed Hybrid IT infrastructure is the best way of future-proofing the business against the continually accelerating rate of change by deploying tools - e.g. Fujitsu’s RunMyProcess - that abstract business processes and enable swift adoption of new developments e.g. wearables and internet of things.

Enabling Productivity

Hybrid IT improves business productivity in some obvious ways e.g. enhancing business user mobility by making applications and information available across time, space and devices. 

But there are other ways in which productivity improves as well. For example, creating an optimal balance between empowering end users to order and manage their own portfolio of IT services whilst retaining sufficient operational and governance control. 

Our approach to delivering Hybrid IT service further drives productivity gains by providing management of multiple cloud services, contracts and relationships. A simplified standard contract allows organizations access to multiple cloud platforms through a single document. Our ability to provide end to end managed networks and high performance connectivity further frees up the customer’s internal IT organization to focus on business innovation, not on managing IT complexity.

Managing Risk and Cost

If organizations are to harness the power of the Cloud effectively, it must be made safe to do so by addressing and minimizing the attendant risks. We must strike the right balance between innovation and safety, between delivery and costs. It is this quest for balance that is at the heart of our Hybrid IT approach.

Our Security Accreditations are second to none. We protect our clients’ data in data centers certified to Uptime Institute’s Tier III standard. Fujitsu’s Public Cloud was measured at 99.99986% availability over the past 12 months, and our Application Migration Factory enables secure migration of services and data to the cloud.

Our delivery centers manage our global network of over 30 cloud platforms to ensuring that systems are managed securely while clients have the flexibility to place their data within a specific region or country. We leverage our partner ecosystem (such as Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and …) by integrating and managing these and our own cloud services alongside non-cloud services to mitigate the risk and cost of change.