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VMware Cloud on AWS - delivered by Fujitsu

VMware Cloud on AWS - delivered by Fujitsu VMware Cloud on AWS - delivered by Fujitsu

Balance the benefits of VMware Private Cloud and AWS

The benefits of global public cloud platforms have driven huge adoption – cost savings, greater agility, rapid development and scaling. For organizations today looking to digitalize, it’s not a question of ‘if’ they adopt such platforms; it’s when to adopt and how to best exploit them. 

With Fujitsu, organizations on VMware enterprise environments can now unlock the benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS) alongside a mix of any other cloud platforms - without the need for large or costly transformation projects. This service, underpinned by our capabilities in enterprise Hybrid IT, enables you to:


Extend to the public cloud from your
VMware estate with minimal risk.


Exploit AWS features to develop
cloud-native apps and digital services.

Expertly Manage

Seamlessly migrate to and manage
AWS within your Hybrid environment.

Reducing the complexity of multi-cloud environments

As a Strategic Integrator of VMware Cloud on AWS, we bring you the agility, cost efficiencies and rapid development capabilities of the public cloud, attainable through a private cloud or on-premise VMware deployment that meets the strictest regulatory, security and privacy requirements.

Our partnership reduces the complexity of hybrid IT environments – and avoids any disruption of moving workloads, with AWS able to be leveraged as a ‘connected service’ from a range of VMware platforms including our managed private cloud.

Why Fujitsu? We’re experts in Hybrid IT & Multi-Cloud

Based on our global Hybrid IT, multi-cloud and systems integration expertise, Fujitsu is able to deliver: 

  • The entire VMware portfolio including private cloud as a service, assuring AWS compatibility across any existing VMware environment. 
  • Extensions to AWS and other hyperscale clouds from our European and global networks, so you can have a truly connected hybrid platform with access to VMware both publically and privately. 
  • End-to-end service management for Hybrid IT, including any cloud combination.
VMware Cloud on AWS