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Improve the maximum random access performance - I/O offloading

ETERNUS DX8700 S2 has I/O offloading for improving the maximum random access performance.
When I/O offloading is not set, two CPU cores in a controller process I/O and other two cores process RAID. When the I/O offloading is set, the two cores that processed RAID are to be offloaded and process I/O, a total of four cores can process I/O.
Distributed processing by four cores improves IOPS[1] performance and meets high requirement of random access.

[1] IOPS: I/O per second

I/O offload image 1I/O offload image 2

You can set the I/O offloading either on or off according to your business.


Distributed processing by four CPU cores improves IOPS performance and meets high requirement of random access.

Product Requirement

Supported Storage ETERNUS DX8700 S2
Recommended Servers Mission Critical IA/UNIX/Industry Standard Server

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