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FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor - Features

The sale of ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor was terminated in September 2017.

Automatic notification based on pre-defined thresholds

ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor automatically provides space use information profiles for disk systems and databases. Pre-definition of space usage thresholds enables ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor, via the alarm function, to notify you and request intervention prior to disks or databases reaching their maximum utilization.
You can then take the necessary preemptive action to ensure high space utilization does not threaten stable operation.
Orders can also be preset with the alarm function, as necessary, with output sent to event logs and other notification formats

Disk space monitor fig1

Real-time view of storage space use

ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor provides you with a choice of drill-down views and quick reports that deliver profiled information. You will know the real-time status of your storage capacity through lists and visual aids, so you can quickly comprehend any problem areas. This lets you resolve those problems and recover normal operation in the shortest possible time.
Fully auditable archives also let you analyze the background to recent problems and use trend analysis to determine future policy.

Long-term storage space monitoring

The "periodic reporting" function in ETERNUS SF Disk Space Monitor provides space use information in the form of daily, weekly or monthly reports. As well as being useful to administrators tasked with providing monitoring reports, it also allows for forecasting of longer term system status. This enables a broader perspective than just estimating the time of the next potential problem and lets you better determine the most appropriate time for your next storage enhancement.

Disk space monitor fig3

Program Requirements

Refer to "Technical Details" of Product Information.