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High Performance Processor SPARC64 X

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Fujitsu SPARC64™ X, where X is pronounced “Ten”, skyrockets application performance to eight time of former generation of SPARC64 processor SPARC64 VII+. With its 28 nanometer technology, Fujitsu successfully, accommodates main system components in the tiny chip. Its high dense technologies such as 16 cores/32 threads, and System on Chip, and Software on Chip contribute reduce access time between CPU and server components.

High Performance Processor SPARC64 X

Simultaneous Multithreading of SPARC64 X with 32 threads helps increase parallelism. Max. 24 MB of second cache memory help reduce memory access time.

SPARC64 X structure

Specification comparison (SPARC64 X / SPAR64 VII+)
Number of core per CPU 164
Number of thread per core 22
Level1 cache memory128KB, 4way per core 128KB, 2way per core
Level2 cache memory Max. 24MB, 24way per CPU Max. 12MB, 12way per CPU