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Eco-friendly green products

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Energy and space saving

SPARC M10 conforms to Japan's "Energy Conservation Law" that stipulates highly efficient energy use for energy consuming products, achieving pre-determined energy savings targets.

With high dense processor SPARC64™ X inside, SPARC M10 can contribute to efficient data center use.

The environment

Today's business development requires companies to deal with growing environmental concerns, by saving resources and complying with environmental standards. Matched to Fujitsu's own environmental standards, including power saving measures, reduced paper use and the prohibition of toxic materials, SPARC M10, as global standard UNIX servers, further contribute to the alleviation of environmental pressures.

80PLUS certified power supply units

ROHS Compliance

All models and related SPARC M10 comply with the EU region's RoHS and its directions on prohibition and restriction of toxic materials in electronic products.

For details, refer to Fujitsu's environmental activities.

Green products

Fujitsu stipulates its own strict environmental standards for resources and energy savings. This includes designing products easy to recycle, strictly controlling chemical material use in products and providing environmental information to its customers.

Electronic manuals

All SPARC M10 manuals are provided in digital form (PDF/Web documents) ensuring a more efficient use of natural resources.