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Fujitsu Highlights: Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Fujitsu at Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Fujitsu Highlights: Oracle OpenWorld 2013

  • Event: Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2013
  • Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco, California, United States
  • Date: September 22 – 26, 2013
  • URL:

Event Overview: The future begins at Oracle OpenWorld

Fujitsu participated at Oracle OpenWorld 2013 as a Marquee sponsor. Highlighted by the Fujitsu M10 SPARC server, Fujitsu demonstrated how we deliver combined solutions and services that shape the future of IT infrastructure.

Opening Day

The town was painted in red with 60,000 attendees from 145 countries, 3,500 expert speakers, 2,500 interactive sessions, 500 Oracle partners, and 400 product demonstrations.

Photo 1Oracle Plaza @ Howard Street, San Francisco, California.

Photo 2


Oracle OpenWorld kicked-off with Fujitsu's Keynote. Our Corporate Senior Vice President, Noriyuki Toyoki, gave a speech on "Shaping Tomorrow Through Modernization and Innovation" to 10,000 attendees, just prior to Oracle's Chief Executive Officer, Larry Ellison's keynote. Toyoki CSVP described how Fujitsu can help customers navigate the vast amounts of information available through big data, anticipate change, and realize the benefits of being able to predict the future. He also highlighted Fujitsu M10 as the best platform for analyzing big data.

Photo 4

Photo 5Toyoki CSVP’s opening keynote on Sunday evening.


Executive Solution Session is the second largest style of presentation available at the Oracle OpenWorld. Many conference attendees gathered in the Lam Research Theater to hear Bill King Executive Vice President and Goro Watanabe Executive Vice President of Fujitsu speak about Fujitsu M10, the Best Platform for running Oracle Database 12c and Big Data. They investigated Fujitsu M10 server from a more technical aspect and included customer case studies.

Photo 6

Photo 7Watanabe EVP and King EVP with Richard McCormack during the Raffle at the end of the session.

Fujitsu Exhibition Booth

Exhibition Halls were open for three days during the event. More than 5300 people visited the Fujitsu Booth to learn about our latest technologies including the Fujitsu M10 SPARC server. Many enjoyed the Fujitsu M10 demonstration systems and other hands-on hardware products.

Photo 8

Photo 9Fujitsu booth decorated with Japanese traditional motifs and the Fujitsu M10 server.

Fujitsu Highlights: Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Fujitsu Keynote: Shaping Tomorrow through Modernization and Innovation

From September 22nd to 26th, Oracle OpenWorld 2013 was held in San Francisco. In one of the world's largest IT events, Fujitsu role as Marquee Sponsor included a keynote during the first day presented by Mr. Noriyuki Toyoki, Corporate Senior Vice President, Fujitsu Limited.

Photo 1Toyoki CSVP on stage delivering welcome Keynote on Sunday evening

Photo 2Attendees watched Fujitsu’s Keynote on Digital Signage at Oracle Plaza.

Photo 3Toyoki CSVP delivered his keynote to a fully packed convention hall of 10,000 people.

Innovation for Tomorrow

Photo 4

As he did the previous year, Noriyuki Toyoki delivered a keynote during the opening day of Oracle OpenWorld. After greeting the attendees, his presentation began with a story depicting how a population of Sri Lankan elephants needed to adapt to survive. Within this population of elephants, only those brave enough to challenge and adapt to the environmental changes of Sri Lanka over time, were able to survive. Noriyuki Toyoki then continued to point out that today's business environment is also changing, and that challenging new opportunities is important to survive in business. He uses the example of the growing trend in Big Data as one such opportunity.

Big Data- Use Case

Figure 1

The presentation introduced two cases studies that leverage the effective use of Big Data to obtain important results. One was a large conglomerate that was able to generate highly accurate forecasts through analyzing large volumes of data from a number of different aspects. While the other case looked at Shogi, a traditional Japanese board game where recently a computer program, developed using Big Data, was successful in beating an experienced Shogi champion. While Shogi is a game, the goal can be compared to wining against competitors in business.

Fujitsu M10 Won 14 Benchmark Tests

Figure 2

The next part highlighted how Fujitsu had developed the latest SPARC/Solaris server, Fujitsu M10, as the ideal platform for Big Data. In this section of the presentation, Noriyuki Toyoki demonstrated that throughout development, the focus was on two requirements: performance and scalability. In regard to performance, Fujitsu M10 set fourteen (14) benchmark records during testing (as of September 22, 2013). In order to achieve these results, in-memory database was a key technology used by Fujitsu. Noriyuki Toyoki recognized that with an in-memory database, response performance and throughput shifted from milliseconds to nanoseconds.

1024 Cores and 64 TB Memory

Figure 3

The other key attribute of Fujitsu M10 referred to is its superior scalability using CPU Core Activation functions and a unique Building Block Structure. These features enable customers to optimize their investment by allowing resources to be purchased as need. Fujitsu M10's Building Block Structure supports business growth through offering extreme expandability – up to 1024 cores and 64 TB of memory.

Software on Chip

Photo 5Noriyuki Toyoki also touched on Fujitsu M10's impressive Software on Chip technology and its performance benefits with the support of Oracle. Following the introduction of Software on Chip Mr. Andrew Mendelsohn, Senior Vice President of Database Server Technologies, Oracle, joined on Noriyuki Toyoki stage during the Keynote to endorse the leading edge, revolutionary technology.

Future of Fujitsu M10 server

Figure 4The presentation was then concluded with an overview of Fujitsu M10's roadmap and a commitment to establishing the new Coherent Memory Interconnect technology that will improve memory access speed dramatically in the near future.

Fujitsu Highlights: Oracle OpenWorld 2013


Comming soon.

Fujitsu Highlights: Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Fujitsu Exhibition

Over 60,000 people from around the world visited Moscone Center San Francisco to be part of Oracle OpenWorld in 2013. Subsequently, many of these attendees made sure to stop by the Fujitsu booth located right at the entrance to the exhibition.

Photo 1The Fujitsu booth was buzzing with action during Oracle OpenWorld.

Photo 2Here are this year’s booth giveaways. The stress relief shrimp was by far the most popular.

Fujitsu M10 Exhibition Machines

The booth featured the latest model in our UNIX server range, the Fujitsu M10 which was built in collaboration with Oracle. Fujitsu M10 provides a highly scalable cloud database environment where customers can add hardware resources based on changing business requirements. This capability has been derived from a combination of Fujitsu and Oracle technologies. Based on a new building block concept, customers can quickly and easily upgrade Fujitsu M10 servers from 1 to 16 building blocks. As introduced during Fujitsu's keynote, Fujitsu M10 can scale up to 1024 cores and 64TB memory capacity. With the M10 systems on display, the booth provided customers an opportunity to view the compelte server range from the small 1-socekt M10-1 server, right up to M10-4 with the maximum configuration. Additionally customers could also take a close up look at the chip and wafer design of SPARC64 X+, the next generation processor.

Photo 3The Fujitsu M10 server on display.

Photo 4SPARC64 X+ chip and wafer.

In-booth Presentations: Pluggable Database on Pluggable servers

Photo 5Attendees listening to one of the “Pluggable Database on Pluggable servers” presentations

The main stage of Fujitsu's booth played host to a number of impressive demonstrations highlighting Oracle Database 12c's new feature, the "pluggable database". This new feature allows Oracle Database 12c to scale its performance linearly on the Fujitsu M10 system through a compatible pluggable building block structure. The demonstrations were held live every 30 minutes and included a 7 minute presentation. After the demonstration attendees could then complete a short quiz entering them in the draw to win a Fujitsu tablet that would be announced at the end of the event.

Demonstration of Dynamic Reconfiguration

Photo 6People gathering to learn more about the Fujitsu M10’s Dynamic Reconfiguration

One of Fujitsu M10's unique features is its Dynamic Reconfiguration that allows hardware resources to be added or removed without downtime. Our demonstration of the Dynamic Reconfiguration drew interest from many attendees.