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Solaris Containers of Solaris™ 10 Operating System function

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Software partitioning technology which partitions one OS space into multiple OS partitions.

Solaris Containers consist of Solaris Zones and Solaris Resource Manager.

Solaris Zones is software technology capable of partitioning one OS space into multiple OS partitions. Each Solaris OS environment can be partitioned into 8,000+ entities.

Solaris Resource Manager enables you to flexibly distribute hardware resources such as CPUs and memory across the virtual Solaris environments. It also you to prioritize the allocation of resources to operations according to their importance. Even single CPU servers can be partitioned into multiple virtual Solaris environments ensuring that server utilization can be maximized.

Solaris Container

 Solaris Zones | Solaris Resource Manager | Demonstration


Fully separated virtual Solaris environments

You are able to construct secure systems due to the access prohibitions between the various virtual Solaris environments. Each virtual Solaris environment is fully separate and one environment can't access the processes of any other.

Flexible hardware resources allotment

Server resources utilization can be changed according to workload changes. Hardware resources such as CPUs and memory can be allotted flexibly to each virtualized Solaris environment and changed as your resource utilization requirements change. For example, your resource allotment policy can be switched such that resources are focused on online operations during the day and on batch operations overnight.

Speedy construction of Solaris environments

The flexibility of Solaris containers, means you also don't miss business opportunities due to restrictions on fast system construction. All the time-consuming procedures of new system acquisition can be removed. You just use Solaris Containers, by changing system parameters, to quickly prepare the new Solaris environment.

User benefits
  • Failures in one virtual Solaris environment such as a program abort or invalid resource access do not affect the other virtual Solaris environments
  • Resources can be allotted flexibly to virtual Solaris environments
  • Resource allotment can be changed dynamically according to workload changes even while system is operational
  • Minimizes risks of security attack and human errors by use of separated virtual Solaris environments
  • Improved resource utilization
  • An agile system that adapts to environmental and usage changes