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Integrated Multi Servers Management : ServerView Suite

Hardware Management by ServerView Operations Manager

The graphical look and feel of ServerView Operations Manager provides detailed management of Fujitsu servers including PRIMEQUEST and PRIMERGY in the datacenter.

It overcomes the difficulties of identifying failures in large server farms -- errors such as failed disk drives and power supplies that administrators could overlook in large populations.

The single window display of ServerView Operations Manager ensures administrators can identify such hidden errors quickly and ensure that redundancy is maintained.

ServerView Operations Manager can be installed in managed servers such as PRIMEQUEST and PRIMERGY or in a separate management server. For installation of ServerView Agent and ServerView Operations Manager, please see manuals below.

Please notice MMB-based administration view is not available for PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 while it is available for PRIMEQUEST 1800E. Please refer to the Server Management Unit : MMB page.

* ServerView Operations Manager can be installed in managed servers instead of installing a separate management server.

Inter-working with Existing System Management Software

Integration with 3rd party system management software is detailed in the manuals below.
Note: while these manuals reference PRIMERGY servers, the same information applies to PRIMEQUEST as well.

ServerView Installation Manager (SVIM)

The PRIMEQUEST installation assistant tool, ServerView Installation Manager, can automate procedures for installation of OS on multiple PRIMEQUEST servers.

OS Installation

Automated OS installation procedures are as follows.

  • Mounting the media DVD enables OS installation and RAID configuration
  • Creation of an installation server enables multiple installations without DVD
  • Hardware partitioning automation is also possible