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Green IT

Excellent Green Performance

Replacing earlier PRIMEQUEST servers with a model 1800E2 series can halve power consumption, server space, and weight loadings.

  • Power consumption and server space can be reduced by more than 60%
  • Server weight is reduced by more than 70%

Power Monitor

Measuring power consumption is a first step in greening your datacenter. The MMB display lets you easily monitor your power consumption and inlet temperatures -- air temperature as its enters the server. The ability to gather such data at your site, also makes it much easier to estimate datacenter power consumption and locate hot spots.

MMB Power Monitor

Smart Cooling

Multi-step Fan speed

  • With PRIMQUEST fan rotation changes smoothly matched to temperature changes
  • Cooling is efficient with cool air concentrated on hot spots like CPUs and memory
  • There is also accurate measurement of component temperatures
  • Heat Sinks
    Heat radiation boards are used with high heart generating parts like CPUs. Their large surface area means more efficient airflow use.
  • Heat Pipe
    Hot air around CPUs is efficiently piped away from the processor and moved to the Heat Sink.

System Board cooling

The System Board is designed to concentrate cool air onto hot spots like CPUs and memory.

Power Supply Efficiency

PRIMEQUEST incorporates highly energy-efficient Power Supply Units (PSU) with 93% efficiency. This PSU is certified 80 PLUS GOLD.

PRIMEQUEST PSU has high energy efficiency for electric current conversion for AC-DC and DC-DC.