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Green IT

Applicable models: PRIMEQUEST 2800B, 2800E, 2400E

PRIMEQUEST improve efficiency of power consumption

PRIMEQUEST 2000 series can much improve performance at similar level of power consumption. According to comparison of performance per watts of PRIMEQUEST 2800E and 1800E2 both with 8 sockets, this metrics for model 2800E is 1.7 times of model 1800E2

Best cost efficiency in enterprise server arena

PRIMEQUEST 2000 series has higher cost efficiency compared to other vender's UNIX server with similar performance. According to comparison with high end UNIX servers with similar number of cores and memory size, PRIMEQUEST 2800E has much and much lower power consumption with estimated similar or higher performance for PRIMEQUEST.

  • HP Superdome2-16s with 128 cores and 4TB of memory consumes 9.3 Kwatts. *1
  • IBM Power System 780 with 128 cores and 4TB of memory consumes 7.6 Kwatts. *2
  • Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST 2800E with 120 cores and 6TB of memory consumes 5.6 Kwatts.


*1 This is max. power consumption for one unit of Superdome2-16s and one unit of IOX. IOX is included because Superdome2 does not have IO functions.

*2 This is max. Power consumption for one unit of IBM Power System 780.

PRIMEQUEST 2000 series can help reduce space and burden of data center. This is obvious if you compare weight and space of PRIMEQUEST 2000 to HP ns IBM highend UNIX servers.

  PRIMEQUEST 2800E HP Superdome 16s IBM Power 780
Weight (Kg) 200 350 281
Height (mm) 438 798 696

Power Saving

Using System Power Save Control, power consumption for PRIMEQUEST can be flattened. For setting of this , refer to "Tool Reference".