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Dynamic Reconfiguration

Applicable models: PRIMEQUEST 2800E3, 2400E3

Dynamic Reconfiguration can eliminate downtime by replacement of faulty components. This page outlines benefits of Dynamic Reconfiguration and how this works.

Dynamic Reconfiguration Eliminates Down Time

Dynamic Reconfiguration available for PRIMEQUEST 2800E3 and 2400E3 helps operate Physical Partitions even in cases of System Boards or IO Units failures.
In this page. System resources are defined as: CPU, memory, disk drives, and PCIe cards.

  • System resources can be added online
  • Even if any of system resources fails, the relevant components such as System Boards or IO Units which contains the faulty parts are replaced in system operation.
  • System Boards and IO Units can be moved online between Physical Partitions

How Dynamic Reconfiguration Works

System Boards and IO Units can be added in system operation.


System Boards and IO Units in failures can be replaced in system operation.



System Boards and IO Units in one partition can be moved to other partition online in line with large system load change. This function is effective for applications of periodic load changes.