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PRIMEQUEST Video Library

Latest PRIMEQUEST Videos

PRIMEQUEST 2000 series Introduction VideoPRIMEQUEST 2000 series Introduction
FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2000 Series combines cutting edge technology and x86 cost efficiency, with high-reliability features in a single cabinet. Find out about the benefits of PRIMEQUEST servers in this short promotional video.

PRIMEQUEST E-Series Demonstration of High Availability FeaturesDemonstration of Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST’s Mission Critical Features
The PRIMEQUEST E-Series provides mission critical features that are not available on any other standard x86 server. In this demonstration video learn how Dynamic Reconfiguration and Extended Partitioning, two unique mission critical features of PRIMEQUEST, drive enhanced resource flexibility and reliability.




PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 IntroductionPRIMEQUEST 1800E2 Introduction
Discover the reasons why new high performing PRIMEQUEST 1800E2 makes Windows and Linux environments as mission critical as Mainframe and high-end UNIX systems. An ideal platform in private cloud implementations, its quality by design and reliability by attention to detail underlie the flexibility it delivers in business enhancing operation.

PRIMEQUEST 1800E VideoHigh-Reliability Features of the PRIMEQUEST 1800E Mission-Critical server
A detailed explanation of the RAS design and functional sophistication that guarantee high enterprise-class availability with the flexibility of open systems. PRIMEQUEST goes beyond standard server environments to create a rock solid multi-application architecture that delivers a safe and scalable environment for the most demanding of mission critical scenarios.


PRIMEQUEST 1800E IntroductionPRIMEQUEST 1800E Introduction
Introducing the mission critical IA server PRIMEQUEST 1800E, designed to run high-end Windows and Linux applications with top-class reliability and availability. This is the platform that takes open systems to “trusted environment” status.