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SNMP-Basic-Agent (BS2000)

Connects BS2000 systems directly to a central management system for heterogeneous networks.

Current version: V6.2

For customers wanting an SNMP- and/or HTTP-based network, system and applications management tool, Fujitsu offers the product SNMP Basic Agent. The short name of the product is SBA-BS2.

It connects BS2000 systems directly to a central management system for heterogeneous networks on the basis of the protocol standard SNMP. It enables customers with large multi-vendor networks comprising heterogeneous systems to use SNMP for monitoring and control of the BS2000 systems in the network from a central management platform. In combination with the add-on product SNMP-Standard-Collection BS2000, SNMP-Subagent openUTM and SNMP Subagent SM2 it provides comprehensive management functions, from traditional network management through system and applications management, to the management of middleware.

The BS2000 is linked to SNMP management using the LAN connection supported by BCAM and the TCP/IP protocol. This means that a BS2000 system may be included in the network like any other device, as a network element managed via SNMP. The SNMP basic agent understands and responds to SNMP protocol elements.

An authorized user can obtain and modify BS2000 management information using an industry standard web browser. The SNMP basic agent in BS2000 provides a web interface for the purpose.

The high level of security of the BS2000 server is guaranteed by using the SNMP link. The SNMP connection has been provided with a range of complementary functions (how for example authorization, access control and encryption of SNMP-data) designed to protect against unauthorized access that might see the data in the BS2000 or impair the availability of the BS2000 server.