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Performance Management (BS2000)

Round-the-clock performance monitoring forms the basis for effective and economic operation of IT systems. With the openSM2 product line, Fujitsu offers a consistent solution for the enterprise-wide performance management of server and storage systems.


An enhancement for event-controlled monitor and analysis programs used to analyze BS2000 performance indicators.


A part of the BS2000 hiperfile concept that manages peripheral data caching to enhance I/O and application performance.


Supplies extensive monitoring data to improve performance for the server systems BS2000, Linux, Windows-based systems and the storage systems ETERNUS DX, VMAX and additional all systems which aids the SNMP standard.


Distributes the work across BS2000 system resources for various categories and tasks according to user requirements.

FUJITSU Software BS2000 SCA

For increasing overall installation throughput to make BS2000 computer organization centers more flexible.


Analyzes openSM2 monitoring data for tuning application and system programs.