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Relays for advanced lighting systems

The importance of selecting the proper relay

Fujitsu Components Europe

Hoofddorp, июня 20, 2017

Advanced lighting developments stimulated by the 2009 European legislation to replace incandescent light bulbs by more effective LED lighting has prompted the use of LED lighting.

Light-Emitting Diode lighting or in short LED lighting offers multiple advantages over the incandescent lamps such as less heat generation, easy regulation and low energy use. Exactly the reason that inspired the European Union to stimulate the use of alternative light sources such as LED.

Advanced lighting systems

LED lighting

LED lighting requires a DC Voltage but the LED driver supply is AC Voltage; in this case a rectifier is necessary. This rectifying function is normally part of the LED driver, which also regulate the LED current.

Fujitsu is an advocate of improved usage of resources and develops its products accordingly. Fujitsu relays are designed to support energy-efficient applications. Fujitsu has a proven track record of supplying relay solutions for LED lighting applications. Safety, energy reduction and cost efficiency are just a few keywords which are applicable the Fujitsu relays for lighting applications.

TL LED lighting in offices

Safety is crucial in the replacement of the TL armature by TL LED (IEC62776). Relays used in TL LED fixtures are able to provide appropriate galvanic separation between uninsulated accessible parts of the LED tube fulfilling this requirement.
This safety requirement is necessary for TL LEDs with connections on both ends of the tube, 2 relay circuits are necessary at both ends of the LED tube.

LED lighting in greenhouses

For this application relays are used to control the lighting ballast. The aim is to reduce energy consumed by LED greenhouses light modules. In greenhouses the light intensity depends on the actual intensity of the daylight entering the greenhouse. In order to save energy at full daylight conditions, the LEDs are dimmed by the driver to a very low level, but the driver itself still consumes energy. Relays are used to cut the idle currents used by the driver.

LED emergency lighting

In this application the relay is connected between the LED driver and LED module. In emergency mode, when mains power is not available, the relay will switch from the main power source to the emergency power source and power the LED module. Depending on the system this can be done by a bi-stable (latching relay) or by mono-stable relays.

High inrush lamp currents

In an incandescent lamp load circuit, the switch-on inrush current can be 10 to 15 times higher than the steady current. This can cause contact welding failure at the switching contacts. Therefore the selection of right relay, suitable for high inrush currents is important. Fujitsu has a range of high –inrush current relays available which are capable of switching this type of loads. The product expert for Fujitsu lighting relays is available for more information

Date: 20 июня, 2017
City: Hoofddorp