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SAP Solutions

SAP Hosting and Fujitsu

Storage capacities in the petabyte range 

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The challenge
Customers of SAP all over the world trust in the efficiency and reliability of its hosting services. Their number is growing, since more and more users are realising that selective hosting is a sensible alternative to in-house operation. Moreover, new ondemand strategies are generating additional demand for hosting services. Growth in both these directions means a huge volume of extra data that needs to be managed, stored, provided and backed-up.

The Solution
Fujitsu was able to put forward a lot of good reasons for winning the storage project bid. The decision-makers at SAP were impressed by its: 
  • Professionalism in planning and controlling the overall project as general contractor
  • Flexibility to satisfy storage requirements on-demand and implement SAP-specific regulations and requirements
  • Storage expertise and reliability, as proven in many years of cooperation
  • Quality and reliability of the world's first service provider to be certified according to the standards ISO 2000-1(ITService Management) and ISO 27001 (information security).