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  4. British Army: optimising WAN bandwidth in Germany

British Army: optimising WAN bandwidth in Germany

Up to 95% less bandwidth

With better performance

Photograph of a British Army soldier
Fujitsu provided consultancy, design, implementation and support for a WAN bandwidth reduction solution that uses Steelhead hardware from Riverbed.

Steelhead is a small box that maximises effective WAN bandwidth by optimising traffic flows. The boxes at either end of the WAN line use sophisticated caching techniques and compression to reduce the amount of data physically sent over the WAN, reconstructing the actual data at the destination end.

This provided up to 95% less bandwidth with better performance. Not only does the system greatly reduce bandwidth requirements, it also gives users the perception of a 300 - 1000% performance improvement for log-on, email, and file access times.

The annual running costs were reduced from £96,000 to £2,000.