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  4. Lancashire County Council: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultancy

Lancashire County Council: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultancy

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consultancy from Fujitsu

Knowledge transfer and support services

Lancashire County Council have chosen Fujitsu to provide their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) consultancy and knowledge transfer services. Fujitsu will build and deploy the new Oracle Financials and Procurement suite of applications. These are needed to satisfy the needs of the Council, Lancashire Police and Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service.

Fujitsu has a proven track record in providing complex systems integration and management services that reduce costs, improve productivity and customer services and deliver a compelling return on investment. In particular, Fujitsu has more than 4,000 SAP and Oracle specialists worldwide and extensive experience in creating practical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and supporting customers with a hands-on approach.