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Cornwall Council

Case Study:

Cornwall Council

"With financial restraints in the Public Sector, Fujitsu's analysis provides the strong evidence base we need to as difficult questions, and to engage with the wider community about the choices that need to be made."
Gill Steward, Corporate Director for Communities, Cornwall Council

DownloadDownload the 'Cornwall Council' case study PDF (356 KB) [357kb]

Photograph of library
Cornwall Council, like any local authority or other public sector organisation, faces increasing challenges to improve services, to respond to budget cuts by reducing costs, and to ensure its services are meeting the changing needs of its residents.

Cornwall needed to be able to make decisions underpinned by an evidence-based understanding of which people used its library services, and what factors determined the likely usage rates amongst different groups of residents.

To improve its understanding of how customers used its libraries, Cornwall turned to Fujitsu for help. While the Council already had a large amount of customer data, Fujitsu was able to combine this with external demographic data to provide new insights and to identify underlying factors in library usage. It was also able to make recommendations to Cornwall on how to improve uptake of libraries, and how new services might be received.

DownloadDownload the 'Cornwall Council' case study PDF (356 KB) [357 KB]