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  4. With ETERNUS DX and PRIMERGY RX, ABC Data accelerates application performance by three times

With ETERNUS DX and PRIMERGY RX, ABC Data accelerates application performance by three times

"Faster performance equals more productive employees with no frustrating delays in accessing data or applications. At the same time, the Fujitsu solution is very reliable with zero downtime so far."

Marcin Koczkodaj IT Infrastructure Manager, ABC Data

ABC Data deployed FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS and FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY machines to boost application performance, reliability and scalability.


ABC Data S.A. is a leader in the distribution of IT hardware and consumer electronics in Poland and the only entity operating directly in eight countries within Central and Eastern Europe. It provides comprehensive services in distribution, logistics, finance and consultancy and has a product range of over 100,000 products, also available on its InterLink online platform. The company boasts the best logistics parameters in the industry and the fastest deliveries in the CEE region.


ABC Data had accumulated around 60 virtual machines over the years, however, many existed in siloes and had become difficult to manage and impossible to scale. As the company continues its rapid growth, it needed a more flexible and scalable virtualization and storage platform.


ABC Data deployed a combination of Fujitsu storage and server technology and migrated core business applications to the new solution. It now provides access to 74 virtual machines for 600 employees in multiple locations.


  • Fujitsu platform operates at around 40 percent utilization, making application performance four times faster
  • Can scale up by a factor of two without additional investment, and with factor of three with small investment, enabling rapid growth over the next five years
  • Provides disaster recovery capability for Microsoft Hyper-V and an in-house development environment

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