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  4. TechShop drives innovation through open workshops with - Powered by Fujitsu

TechShop drives innovation through open workshops with - Powered by Fujitsu

"It’s hard to top the satisfaction people get as they see their ideas take form. We want to help people see that we live in an age in which anyone, kids and adults alike, can enjoy making things and innovate in our open workshops."

Mark Hatch CEO, TechShop

Driving the Maker Movement for long-lasting innovation.


TechShop is a pioneer. It is a leader in the Maker Movement, inspiring innovation through making. TechShop offers the general public unlimited use of any of its eight workshops across the U.S. for $125 per month. One of the greatest values of TechShop is its ability to attract people from various backgrounds. Each location is equipped with a full suite of tools needed for making, from traditional machine tools like lathes to 3D printers and the latest in digital design software and machine tools. By providing access to factorygrade facilities at such a low cost, TechShop attracts entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, designers, hobbyists and students, all under the same roof.


Provided with the right environment, we all have the power to innovate. Children are no exception. In fact, they often see problems differently and have ideas that would not occur to an adult.


The TechShop Inside! - Powered by FUJITSU initiative is the world’s first mobile open makerspace, housed within a seven-meter long trailer. This space is loaded with hand tools, 3D printers and laser cutters alongside Fujitsu laptops and tablets.


  • Introduces children to the joy of making, providing selected machining tools that can be safely and easily used even by young first-timers
  • Provides children and adults with a forum for experiencing innovation through making
  • All of the equipment is modular, allowing it to be brought outside the trailer into a wider space, to enable more children to use the equipment

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