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  4. Successful deployment of 20,000 PoS components for Camelot Global in Ireland

Successful deployment of 20,000 PoS components for Camelot Global in Ireland

"Every site is different and some are relatively compact in terms of space. That means it is difficult to install new equipment while the old terminals are still in use. Fujitsu was able to think on its feet and work with the in-store agents to flexibly adapt to changing retail environments"

Simon Parkinson, Supplier Relationship Manager, Camelot Global

The customer

Following an international competitive tender process, Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) was awarded a 20-year licence to operate the Irish National Lottery in February 2014. Camelot Global was appointed to deliver the significant technical and business transition on behalf of PLI. Under the terms of the licence PLI had until 30 June 2015 to complete the transition, however utilising Camelot Global’s strong project management experience, set itself the ambitious target of completion before the end of 2014.

The challenge

Following the award of the National Lottery licence to Premier Lotteries Ireland, Camelot Global was appointed to find a service partner that could implement its plans to configure and install new lottery terminal equipment in 3,700 retail outlets in a very short timeframe.

The solution

Following a tender process, Camelot Global chose to partner with Fujitsu, which provided an engineering team capable of preparing and installing the volumes required of over 600 sites every week. This ensured that tight deadlines could be met and penalties avoided.

The benefit

  • Seamless migration to a new nationwide lottery platform with minimal disruption
  • A flexible approach to hugely differing retail environments ensured that challenges could be resolved quickly
  • Camelot Global was able to meet the strict timeframes that allowed implementation of the Premier Lotteries Ireland business plans and avoid harsh financial penalties that could have been enforced under the new Lottery Licence

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