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  4. International Personal Finance improves its Disaster Recovery capability with guidance from Fujitsu

International Personal Finance improves its Disaster Recovery capability with guidance from Fujitsu

"Fujitsu has delivered all that was set out to be delivered. As a result of its work, IPF has improved its Disaster Recovery capability significantly. The results of the work have provided insight and assurance to all stakeholders up to board level."

Tony Kelly Group Head of Loss Prevention, International Personal Finance

Fujitsu defined a benefits roadmap and programme mandate that resonated with IPF to ensure it has a robust and tested ICT Continuity capability across the business

The customer

International Personal Finance plc (IPF) is a leading provider of home credit and digital loans. Through its Provident brand, it operates in eight countries across Europe and Mexico, with its digital business serving customers in a further five European countries.

The challenge

IPF wanted to gain a greater understanding of the ICT Continuity (Disaster Recovery) capability of its most critical systems. IPF had a further desire to implement a robust and tested Continuity capability across the business and needed key suppliers to provide assurance that the provisioned technology and applications would support IPF’s requirements.

The solution

Fujitsu undertook an initial BIA validation exercise to confirm the critical systems as identified by IPF. This was followed by a series of workshops and interviews with key stakeholders and suppliers which led to the development of a clearly defined benefits roadmap and programme mandate.

The benefit

  • Fujitsu provided IPF with a detailed understanding of their critical services along with its ICT Continuity capability
  • The programme clearly defined roles and responsibilities of all key stakeholders
  • Documentation for the critical services was clearly defined and developed, from which the capability was tested in three walkthrough exercises
  • IPF gained a greater understanding of its future continuity requirements and roadmap

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