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  4. Pierre Fabre develops online applications with RunMyProcess effectively and consistently

Pierre Fabre develops online applications with RunMyProcess effectively and consistently

"When we ask RunMyProcess to create a new application, it will be up and running within a few weeks, which is extraordinary compared to an ERP, CRM or bespoke application deployment."

Matthieu Durand Enterprise Architect Pierre Fabre

Fujitsu RunMyProcess has enabled Pierre Fabre to transform its marketing operations by quickly creating new applications that exactly fit the organization’s needs

The customer

Headquartered in Castres, France, Pierre Fabre is the country’s second independent pharmaceutical group with revenues of over €2bn and over 10,000 worldwide employees. It has branches in 44 countries and a presence in 130. The company covers all aspects of healthcare, from prescription drugs and over-the-counter products to dermo-cosmetics. In 2013, Pierre Fabre allocated more than 17 percent of its drug revenues to R&D, focusing on three main areas: oncology, dermatology and neuropsychiatry.

The challenge

Pierre Fabre needs to deliver consistent global marketing campaigns to promote its cosmetic brands and engage health professionals around the world. But this is a complex process due to the number of countries, people and requirements involved - and attempting to manage this complexity with basic tools was creating delays, inefficiencies and risks.

The solution

The company wanted to digitize its indirect marketing operations to gain better control over its processes; it chose to partner with RunMyProcess, creating a set of secure online applications to handle key indirect marketing and logistics tasks on a consistent global basis.

The benefit

  • Digitized and automated a range of indirect marketing processes - starting with merchandizing demand management – to create greater consistency, improve collaboration and increase visibility
  • Greater productivity, efficiency and responsiveness through automation
  • Faster time to value using a secure, cloud-based approach which enabled the new applications to be designed and built within a few weeks

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