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  4. Venus Solar monitoring solution helps Leopalace21 efficiently manage its photovoltaic panels

Venus Solar monitoring solution helps Leopalace21 efficiently manage its photovoltaic panels

"We have been able to make a significant contribution toward creating a green society by engaging in a verification project with Fujitsu and implementing ICT infrastructure to remotely monitor solar installations."

Shigeru Ashida Executive Director, Leopalace21 Corporation

FUJITSU Venus Solar monitors the management and maintenance needs, as well the operational status of solar panels, to improve efficiency and identify issues.

The customer

Customer Leopalace21 is a leading Japanese real estate leasing firm, which builds condominiums and apartment blocks, then bulk-leases and manages each building on completion. The company is also engaged in leasing individual apartments to tenants throughout Japan and has recently begun to actively pursue opportunities overseas, establishing local offices in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The challenge

Leopalace21 is committed to deploying mega-solar power generation systems across its wide property portfolio. However, for many tenants, the upfront installation cost was daunting and it was difficult to accurately monitor performance.

The solution

Together with Fujitsu, the company devised a ‘roof-lease’ concept, which removed the need for initial investment, while deploying FUJITSU Venus Solar to remotely monitor performance and efficiency.

The benefit

  • Apartment owners and tenants can earn extra money by selling excess energy back to utility companies
  • Remote monitoring system improves efficiency of operations
  • Monitoring service leads to stable business
  • Promotes the deployment of renewable energy

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