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  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps UNICEF managing donations and campaigns more efficiently

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps UNICEF managing donations and campaigns more efficiently

"We can better understand how to engage donors by understanding the subjects close to their hearts. It is much less expensive to retain a donor than recruit one and this approach helps us to do that."

Vivien Maidaborn Executive Director, UNICEF

The customer

For millions of children around the world, there’s no such thing as a childhood. War, work or grinding poverty mean that far too many are denied their basic right to be children. UNICEF works to combat this and to protect children’s rights in 194 countries. In New Zealand, it has a staff of approximately 30 in its Wellington and Auckland offices. The organisation has sophisticated donor management practices, a substantial regular donor programme, legacy, bequest and sponsorship programmes as well as advocacy networks.

The challenge

UNICEF New Zealand relied on the repeated manual entry of donation details, taking up to 30 minutes to process each donation. This level of inefficiency could no longer be tolerated so it decided to automate the entire CRM process.

The solution

The organisation worked with Fujitsu to configure and deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM for 25 users, encompassing every aspect of donor management including pledge creation, batch processing and payment runs, donation receipting, marketing, campaign analysis and sales systems integration.

The benefit

  • Automated donations have risen from 15 to 90 per cent, boosting efficiency, staff wellbeing and productivity
  • Total process visibility enables improved auditability while reducing human error and any fraud risk
  • Campaign management has been transformed through better donor analytics, improving conversion rates

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Read the full UNICEF New Zealand case study (532 KB/A4, 2 pages)