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  4. Pea Soup uses PRIMERGY Servers for building its Cloud business

Pea Soup uses PRIMERGY Servers for building its Cloud business

"The raw performance is extraordinary and we now supply Cloud services to five different media companies who each have their own virtual data centre. This enables them to broadcast valuable content in a totally secure and seamless fashion"

Martin Bradburn, CEO, Pea Soup

The customer

Pea Soup was founded in 2014 by two enterprise computing veterans who believed they could revolutionise Cloud Computing. It aims to simplify Cloud provisioning in order to more easily deliver computing solutions to its customers. The essential method of doing so was to build it as an entirely software-defined environment.

The challenge

Pea Soup needed a resilient, flexible and high-performing server platform to host its innovative software-defined Cloud. Finding a compatible and versatile RAID controller was a key part of bringing its vision to life.

The solution

Working with global reseller Arrow, the company installed six Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 S8 servers with the potential to scale to host thousands of virtual machines and 4.4PB of storage. At its heart is the Fujitsu RAID Controller D3116C.

The benefit

  • The software-centric Cloud approach based on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers creates a lean operating environment with phenomenal performance
  • The Fujitsu servers provide optimal reliability so Pea Soup can meet its 99.99 per cent SLAs
  • Pea Soup is now able to handle multiple TBs of streaming data for a variety of media companies
  • The RAID stack offers high data throughput, a comprehensive fault tolerance function and user-friendly management options

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