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  4. Microsoft Deutschland GmbH Uses STYLISTIC Q702 to Support Lead Generation

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH Uses STYLISTIC Q702 to Support Lead Generation

"The Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 has completely fulfilled our expectations in terms of connectivity and performance. This hybrid tablet is very light and can be used as both a Windows 8 touchscreen device and a laptop. At the CeBIT trade fair, 60 of our employees used this device to generate thousands of leads"

Monika Friedrich, Fairs & Events Manager, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH

The customer

Microsoft is the world-leading provider of standard software, services and solutions, which help people and businesses of all sectors and sizes to achieve their full potential. Security and reliability, innovation and integration, openness and interoperability are the focus for all Microsoft product developments. Microsoft Deutschland GmbH is the second largest foreign subsidiary of the Microsoft Corporation. It is responsible for product marketing and customer and partner support in Germany. It works with around 37,000 local partner companies. As well as its headquarters in the town of Unterschleißheim in the district of Munich, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH has six locations around Germany.

The challenge

Direct customer contact is still highly important for IT enterprises, even in our modern, internet-centric world. This is why Microsoft continues to attend the world’s largest IT trade fair, CeBIT in Hannover. Microsoft Deutschland GmbH wanted to offer targeted information to attendees, both during and after CeBIT, on the basis of a qualified discussion at their stand or in the nearby lounge area. The software company was looking for a suitable mobile device to conveniently record customer information during the lead generation process.

The solution

Microsoft decided on the Fujitsu STYLISTC Q702, a tablet computer which can also be turned into a fully-functional notebook PC. The STYLISTIC Q702 has a touchscreen to make full use of Windows 8 touch functionality. A total of 60 Microsoft and partner employees were deployed to CeBIT 2013 with these light mobile devices to generate leads.

Customer benefits

Microsoft‘s stand was one of the largest at CeBIT 2013 at over 3,000 square meters. Over 160,000 visitors were informed about new products and services by Microsoft and its 45 partners during the trade fair. Christine Foest was responsible for lead management at CeBIT. The 60-strong team, with STYLISTIC Q702 tablets in hand, talked to attendees and recorded their areas of interest using electronic questionnaires. “The integrated camera was very practical. We used it to read the barcodes on attendees‘ badges to ensure that their names and addresses were recorded correctly,“ explains Foest. “That saved a lot of time, meaning we could begin the conversation about our solutions much more quickly.“

The 60 STYLISTIC Q devices immediately transferred the data recorded about potential customers to the Microsoft Cloud. Depending on the connectivity status within the hall, the data was transferred via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. This meant that there was a constant connection to the cloud-based lead logging system.

Anyone who has been to CeBIT will tell you how the light conditions constantly change, often being incredibly bright. The anti-glare display was therefore a great benefit for the Microsoft employees. It is non-reflective and anti-glare, and the user also benefits from a wide viewing angle and the excellent light output of 400 candelas. This also provides optimum screen performance, even under typical trade fair lighting.

The security aspect was also important for Microsoft. Fujitsu‘s tablet PC has a fantastic feature in this respect. Fujitsu Advanced Theft Protection ensures that no data ever goes missing, even if the device itself is lost. If this does happen, Microsoft can lock that particular STYLISTIC Q702 remotely and even delete all of the data stored on it. This can also be done via SMS.

The Benefit

  • Ultimate data security with Fujitsu Advanced Theft Protection
  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Convenient mobility: the device is lightweight and has a long battery life, up to 14 hours (using additional battery in the keyboard)

Products and Services

  • Hardware: 60 x Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702
  • Software: FairOrg by fairtec GmbH


The lead management process ran smoothly with the Fujitsu STYLISTC Q702, not least because it fully supports all Windows 8 functionality, some via the touchscreen. After CeBIT, Microsoft was able to contact all of the attendees registered with the STYLISTIC Q702 and provide them with information according to their areas of interest. In her role as Fairs & Events Manager, Monika Friedrich was responsible for Microsoft‘s attendance at CeBIT. She only has praise for the Fujitsu mobile devices:

“The nine hour long battery life of the STYLISTIC Q702 was perfect for use during the trade fair. This sophisticated mobile device from Fujitsu supported us very well and simplified our lead management process. It is clear to see that Fujitsu has over 20 years of experience with tablets.“

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