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  4. Barrie Knitwear deploys Fujitsu's Cluster-in-a-Box

Barrie Knitwear deploys Fujitsu's Cluster-in-a-Box

"Fujitsu’s Cluster-in-a-Box is a resilient, reliable and flexible platform that will support our business and growth... It allows us to quickly provision new services while minimising downtime. It is a cost-effective, simple solution that meets our needs exactly"

Mark Kirkwood, IT Manager, Barrie Knitwear

The customer

Established in 1903 and located in Hawick, UK, Barrie Knitwear produces and sells luxury clothing and employs approximately 190 people.

The challenge

Barrie Knitwear wanted to replace its six aging legacy servers with a virtualised environment that would minimise downtime and simplify management.

The solution

Working with IT partner, JayByJay, it decided to deploy Fujitsu’s Cluster-in-a-Box – a high availability, all-in-one appliance based on servers, storage and Microsoft Windows Server 2012.

The benefit

  • Fujitsu Cluster-in-a-Box is a true plug and play solution that can be installed and configured in less than 30 minutes, providing a resilient, reliable and flexible server and storage platform
  • Dual servers and power supplies, and shared resilient disk provide increased availability
  • By removing the need for multiple OS licences it will save Barrie Knitwear money
  • It will also reduce energy consumption, leading to lower electricity bills
  • Easily scalable to meet future business needs, by adding virtual servers at no cost

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