Customer Information Bulletins

Part numberModelPublicationRelease datePosted date
NAS share folders may not be accessible on ETERNUS Unified modelsET-CIB141-00ETERNUS DX200 S3 / DX500 S3 / DX600 S3 running Unified firmware versions prior to V10L89-6000
ETERNUS DX200 S4 / DX500 S4 / DX600 S4 running Unified firmware versions prior to V10L89-6000
ETERNUS DX100 S5 / DX200 S5 / DX500 S5 / DX600 S5 running Unified firmware versions prior to V11L41-5000
Toshiba SSD failure at 7 years 11 months due to firmware issuePY-CIB070-00Toshiba SSD model numbers with firmware 5202 – 5204
- PX02SMF020 – 200GB SSD
- PX02SMF040 – 400GB SSD
- PX02SMF080 – 800GB SSD
- PX02SMB160 – 1.6TB SSD
Linux OS - Memory error recorded in syslogPY-CIB068-01PRIMERGY RX1330 M1 / LX1430 M1 / TX1310 M1 / TX1320 M1 / TX1330 M1
PRIMERGY RX1330 M2 / TX1320 M2 / TX1330 M2
PRIMERGY RX1330 M3 / TX1310 M3 / TX1320 M3 / TX1330 M3
PRIMERGY RX1330 M4 / TX1320 M4 / TX1330 M4
PRIMERGY RX2510 M1 / RX2520 M1 / RX2530 M1 / RX2540 M1 / RX2560 M1
PRIMERGY GX2460 M1 / TX2540 M1 / TX2560 M1
PRIMERGY RX2510 M2 / RX2530 M2 / RX2540 M2 / RX2560 M2 / TX2560 M2
PRIMERGY RX4770 M1 / RX4770 M2 / RX4770 M3
RX4770 M4-M5 stops due to temperature abnormality of the CPU or RAID CardPY-CIB069-00PRIMERGY RX4770 M4
Data on some SSD models could be lost after almost eight years of use due to a firmware issueET-CIB140-00ETERNUS DX S3 models with Toshiba 400GB, 800GB, and 1.6TB SSDs installedBulletin4/28/20215/25/2021
Disconnection of 8TB and 10TB hard drive may occur at the same time of the day on different daysET-CIB139-00ETERNUS DX S3 and DX S4 models with 8TB and 10TB hard disk drivesBulletin4/28/20215/25/2021
Possible data loss if Thin Provisioning Pool or deduplication “data container volume” reach 100% utilizationET-CIB138-00ETERNUS DX200 S3, DX500 S3, DX600 S3
ETERNUS DX200 S4, DX500 S4, DX600 S4
ETERNUS DX200 S5, DX500 S5, DX600 S5
ETERNUS AF250 S2, AF650 S2
ETERNUS AF250 S3, AF650 S3
Unable to read data when using deduplication after “data container volume” expandedET-CIB137-00ETERNUS DX200 S3, DX500 S3, DX600 S3
ETERNUS DX200 S4, DX500 S4, DX600 S4
ETERNUS AF250 S2, AF650 S2
Possible data loss if deduplication “data container volume” is expandedET-CIB136-00ETERNUS DX200 S5, DX500 S5, DX600 S5
ETERNUS AF250 S3, AF650 S3
Possible data loss during rebuild or copyback when an Automatic Hierarchical Storage Control function is being usedET-CIB135-00ETERNUS DX100 S3, DX200 S3, DX500 S3, DX600 S3, DX8700 S3
ETERNUS DX100 S4, DX200 S4, DX500 S4, DX600 S4
Access to a large RAID Group configured with 10TB or larger drives could cause data lossET-CIB134-00ETERNUS DX60 S4, DX100 S4, DX500 S4, DX600 S4Bulletin4/26/20215/25/2021
Deduplication/Compression volume may get I/O errors if source of EC or REC replicationET-CIB133-00ETERNUS DX100 S3, DX200 S3, DX500 S3, DX600 S3
ETERNUS DX100 S4, DX200 S4, DX500 S4, DX600 S4
ETERNUS AF250 S1, AF250 S2, AF650 S1, AF650 S2
Prevention of malfunction caused by disinfectantPY-CIB067-00All PRIMERGYBulletin4/19/20215/4/2021
Intel X710 based NIC Link-up may fail due to LAN card firmware issuePY-CIB065-00PRIMERGY CX2550 M2/M4/M5, CX2560 M4/M5, CX2570 M2/M4/M5
PRIMERGY RX1330 M3/M4, RX2520 M1/M4/M5, RX2530 M2/M4/M5, RX2540 M2/M4/M5, RX4770 M3/M4/M5/M6
PRIMERGY TX1320 M3/M4, TX1330 M3/M4, TX2540 M1, TX2550 M4/M5, TX2560 M2
CPU Internal Errors on PRIMERGY Mx ServersPY-CIB046-04PRIMERGY M1 thru M5Bulletin4/9/20215/4/2021
Power Unit Indicator May Flash Orange on the Environment When Installing Power Supply Unit (PSU) S26113-F575-L13 / S26113-F575-E13PY-CIB066-00PRIMERGY RX/TX M2 M3 M4 M5 ServersBulletin3/9/20213/10/2021
ESXI 7.0 Cannot Install on BU100 - Error Connection Time OutPY-CIB064-00PRIMERGY RX/TX/CX M3 M4 M5 M6 ServersBulletin3/4/20213/10/2021
Intel Ethernet Ports May Not Link Up After Firmware UpdatePY-CIB063-00PRIMERGYBulletin2/23/20212/23/2021
CSS Indicator May Be Turned On IncorrectlyPY-CIB062-00PRIMERGY using iRMC S5 Firmware 2.60P or earlierBulletin2/4/20212/4/2021
BIOS Setting May Not be Automatically Transferred after SB ReplacementPY-CIB061-00PRIMERGYBulletin1/20/20211/20/2021
Embedded Hot-Spare HDD May Bring System DownPY-CIB059-01PRIMERGYBulletin1/12/20211/12/2021
Unexpected Reboot of Server Connected to UPSPY-CIB057-01PRIMERGYBulletin1/12/20211/12/2021
PRIMERGY Server with PRAID CP400i/CM400i May Stop During POSTPY-CIB060-00PRIMERGY with Fujitsu Raid PRAID CP400i, PRAID CM400iBulletin12/16/20201/5/2021
BIOS Reports Wrong DIMM Slot Number When Memory Scrubbing Detects Uncorrectable Error on 2-Socket or 4-Socket PRIMERGY M1/M2/M3PY-CIB058-00PRIMERGYBulletin12/7/202012/7/2020
Windows Server Operating System Cannot Access Storage Units Through Marvel FC Adapters After 42 Days From the OS StartupPY-CIB056-01PRIMERGY with the following Marvel FC adapter(s)Bulletin9/30/20209/30/2020
PRIMERGY Server with iRMC S4 May Stop During POST or Malfunction While the OS is RunningPY-CIB054-00PRIMERGY Server with iRMC S4Bulletin9/1/20209/1/2020
Power Down or System Reset May Occur on PRIMERGY BX25x0 M1 or M2PY-CIB053-00PRIMERGY BX2560/BX2580 M1/M2Bulletin8/27/20208/27/2020
OS Time Shift During Daylight Saving ChangesPY-CIB055-00PRIMERGY RX1330 M1/M2/M3
PRIMERGY TX1310 M1/M2, TX1320 M1/M2/M3, TX1330 M1/M2/M3
A Link Down/Up May Occur on Intel 1Gbps Ethernet Ports on VMware ESXi 6.5/6.7PY-CIB051-00PRIMERGYBulletin7/22/20207/22/2020
iRMC S4/S5 Web Interface Does Not Display Driver Monitor and OS InformationPY-CIB052-00PRIMERGY with iRMC S4/iRMC S5
Performance Might be Decreased with BIOS R1.29.0 or NewerPY-CIB050-00PRIMERGY RX2520/2530/2540 M4
The System Tries to Power on Before iRMC is ReadyPY-CIB049-00PRIMERGY RX1330 M4
PRIMERGY TX1330 M4, TX1320 M4
Special BIOS Update Procedure Required for PRIMERGY CX25x0 M4 with BIOS R1.39.0PY-CIB048-00PRIMERGY CX2550 M4/CX2560 M4/CX2570 M4Bulletin3/25/20204/1/2020
QLogic FC HBA Firmware May Lead to File System Data Integrity IssuePY-CIB047-00PFC EP QLExxxxBulletin3/5/20204/1/2020
End of Support for TLS 1.0/1.1 by Major Web Browsers and Impact to ETERNUS SFET-CIB132-00ETERNUS SF productsBulletin3/5/20203/26/2020
Host Interface for the Copper Twinax Cables (iSCSI 10Gbit/s, Ethernet 10Gbit/s)ET-CIB097-04All ETERNUS DX/AF models w/10Gb iSCSI or Ethernet InterfacesBulletin9/5/20199/5/2019

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