Network Modernization for Outdated Platforms

The FLASHWAVE 9500 DCS works as a solution with the FLASHWAVE 4100ES to offer a high density of DS1 and DS3 connections in a footprint that is up to 47% smaller than outdated and discontinued DCS platforms.

The FLASHWAVE 9500 DCS offers a high-density DCS/M13 replacement with 40G of VT1.5 switch fabric. This modular architecture initially provides 48 Transmux/M13 ports per card, scalable to 384 Transmux/M13 ports with individually licensed features (ILFs) allowing pay-as-you-grow architecture to cost-effectively address small, medium and large site capacities. 

Innovative Features of the FLASHWAVE 9500 DCS

  • High-density DCS/M13 replacement with 40G VT switch fabric
  • Up to 384 Transmux/M13 units per card
  • 1 + 1 protection time
  • Provisioning, alarming and performance monitoring
  • NETSMART® 1500 point-and-click management

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