The Virtuora Network Control Solution

Introducing SDN Planning, Control, and Management Operations Solutions

The Virtuora Network Control Solution is a comprehensive, adaptable, modular suite of software products that enable you to build and grow a virtualized, programmable network. Built on an open-source platform, the suite encompasses software-defined network (SDN) control, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) orchestration and infrastructure management, in addition to network planning, design, management, service fulfillment and performance assurance. Virtuora enables end-to-end operational automation, service orchestration and network programmability. The solution provides a foundation for resilient networks that make full use of resources, self-repairs, and responds moment-by-moment to customer needs. 

How Virtuora Benefits Your Business

Networks based on Virtuora can help you:

  • Cut long-term operational and capital costs
  • Speed up service launch and delivery
  • Maintain support for current revenue-bearing services
  • Preserve the useful life of existing network assets
  • Choose equipment and technology without vendor dependence
  • Build a resilient network that increases SLA compliance
  • Improve quality of service and customer experience
  • Quickly identify, anticipate, and meet customer needs
  • Open up a rich ecosystem of new revenue opportunities

The Virtuora NC Solution — the Control and Management Center of your Network

The Virtuora NC Solution provides a framework for SDN-enabled applications and interfaces that provides the control and management center of the modern network. This powerful, standards-based software system delivers a full-featured, lower-cost, scalable environment that extends the capabilities of a basic OpenDaylight (ODL) controller or even a vendor-proprietary controller.

Virtuora NC Solution Applications

Virtuora NC’s applications offer multiple choices in service creation and operations efficiency at multiple network layers. Examples include real-time Topology and Resource Discovery, Path Computation, Dynamic Service Activation and Restoration.

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