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1FINITY™ C200 - Fujitsu Network Communications

1FINITY™ Communications Integrator Series

1FINITY blades can operate autonomously, since each blade has its own IP address and NETCONF/YANG port for connection to the SDN controller through the DCN. The 1FINITY C200 Communications Integrator Series consolidates multiple IP addresses and DCN connections onto a single connection when a site has multiple 1FINITY L-series (Lambda) and/or T-series (Transport) blades. This greatly simplifies deployment of high-capacity ROADM configurations. The C200 Series also offers site pre-planning and zero-touch turn-up provisioning, cutting the installation time and cost.

Consolidated Connections for Simpler Provisioning and Operation

This consolidation integrates multiple 1FINITY Transport or Lambda blades into a single node, which simplifies and automates site provisioning for plug-and-play operation. This single logical node presents one IP address to the SDN controller over a single DCN interconnect port.

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Custom Configuration Options

The 1FINITY Communications Integrator series addresses network management and control needs depending on the particular optical network configuration. The series consists of three variations:

  • The C200 incorporates multiple virtual Main Controller Units (vMCUs) into a single C200 blade for control and integration of multiple 1FINITY L-series ROADMs and T-series Tansport blades. The C200 is required in ROADM network configurations exceeding four degrees.
  • The C201 contains a static MCU. The unit provides single IP and DCN control of multiple 1FINITY L-series ROADM blades. It is used in operational environments where the ROADM and transponders must be controlled by separate nodes.
  • The C202performs the same single-node operation as the C201, except that it is deployed to control multiple 1FINITY T-series transport blades.

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