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1Finity T600 transport blade

1FINITY™ T600 Transport Blade

The Industry Leader in Capacity and Spectral Efficiency

For campus, regional, metro and long-haul data center interconnect (DCI) applications, the 1FINITY T600 blade enables data center and cloud operators to deploy flexible, cost-effective optical connections. The 1FINITY T600 blade helps operators meet the growing demands of the digital economy:

  • Industry-leading capacity with 600 Gbps single-wavelength transmission 
  • Maximized optical performance and reach with programmable modes from 200 to 600 Gbps
  • Cost-effective, energy-efficient power consumption of just 0.29 W per Gbps (fully-loaded)

In addition to its capacity and spectral efficiency, the T600 blade’s superior rack-space density and low power consumption helps cut total cost of ownership in a variety of multihaul DCI applications. The T600 supports two transponder plug-in units and an integrated CPU complex, as well as redundant, replaceable fan modules and AC/DC power supply units. The plug-in units can each support a 1.2 Tbps transponder with 12 QSFP28-based client ports mapped to two fixed network ports, achieving a total system density of 2.4 Tbps per 1RU. The T600 uses the same flexible 1RU modular design as other blades in the 1FINITY portfolio.

Hyperscale Transport: Flexibility, Capacity, Automation and Security

Through an unprecedented combination of industry-leading flexibility, capacity, automation and security, the T600 continues to drive the 1FINITY transport evolution forward, delivering programmable data rates of 200, 300, 400, 500 or 600 Gbps over a single wavelength as well as offering comparable performance on both C- and L- band spectrum.

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Software-selectable DWDM modes enable deployment in networks that use traditional 50 GHz channel spacing, or that employ the ITU G.694.1 DWDM flexible grid options, enabling variable capacity from 12.8 Tbps to 38.4 Tbps per fiber. Full C-band and L-band transmission enables the same fibers to carry almost double the capacity, packing up to 76.8 Tb of traffic onto a single fiber with comparable performance across both bands. With AES-256 layer 1 encryption and secure operations, the T600 is fully secure on the data, control and management planes, and has enhanced physical security to protect against unauthorized physical access.

The 1FINITY T600 is one transponder for all DCI applications, providing hyperscale optical transport with full flexibility, highest capacity, operational readiness and total security.

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