Open solutions for xHaul networks

Smart xHaul solutions

Smart xHaul solutions

Smart xHaul architecture for 5G transport

Transport network upgrades are an urgent and critical requirement for 5G networks, otherwise current network infrastructure cannot fulfill the stringent demands of commercial 5G services. Smart xHaul architecture consists of optical xHaul and packet xHaul. Smart xHaul for the 5G network goes beyond latency, capacity, and operational requirements; 5G transport networks must also be open, interoperable, and cost-effective.

Plan holistically, deploy incrementally

For most service providers, optical xHaul or packet xHaul offers the best approach by combining a holistic understanding of the big picture with an incremental deployment plan that scales economically, functionally, and intelligently.

Evolve towards an advanced transport ecosystem

The end-to-end Fujitsu Smart xHaul solution serves a wide variety of optical xHaul and packet xHaul needs with a range of options. With a Fujitsu solution, you can scale up precisely and rapidly while minimizing disruption and controlling costs.

Smart xHaul for the coexistence of 3G, 4G, and 5G

The Smart xHaul offering, using either optical xHaul or packet xHaul, enables the co-existence of 4G and 5G services on the same platforms and fiber paths, along with leveraging the cloud control plane for new 5G use cases.

Prepare your transport network for digital transformation

Best-in-class technologies

Best-in-class technologies

  • Time-sensitive and all optical networking offerings
  • Small form factor
  • Remote visibility

Optimized performance

Optimized performance

  • High-capacity
  • Ultra-reliable low latency
  • Open standards

Simplified operations

Simplified operations

  • Rapid deployment via plug and play operation
  • Automated turn-up
  • Smart diagnostics

Discover Fujitsu Smart xHaul products

Fujitsu Optical xHaul

Fujitsu Optical xHaul products

Fujitsu Packet xHaul

Fujitsu Packet xHaul products

Success story

5G optical transport for Super Bowl 2023

Discover how Fujitsu and HFR Networks delivered a big win for subscribers of a major Tier 1 Communications Service Provider (CSP) at State Farm Stadium and the surrounding area in Glendale, Arizona.

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Success story: 5G optical transport for Super Bowl 2023

Insights and perspectives

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

Learn about the power and benefits of TSN technology.

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Timing and synchronization

Timing and synchronization

Timing and synchronization are critical to successful 5G deployments.

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Self-tunable optics

Self-tunable optics

Intelligent self-tunable optics are driving 5G small cell deployments.

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