AI and Analytics

Automation Driven by AI and Analytics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a vision for network operators. The inherent complexity of next-generation networks and the demands of 5G rollout have taken AI, Machine Learning (ML), and analytics from concept to critical need. Now, with a Fujitsu solution called Automation Driven by AI and Analytics, service providers can better fulfill the promise of high-bandwidth, ultra-reliable, ultra-low latency applications. Automation Driven by AI & Analytics applies vendor-neutral data extraction, analytics, and AI/ML to enable a wide range of network-centric AI applications, such as:

  • Optical alien wavelength planning with real-time optical performance data
  • Optical line system fault predictions
  • Hardware and call log anomaly detection
  • Network operations management
  • Traffic prediction analysis

When data intelligence is coupled with automation, it becomes a powerful solution to enhance next-generation networks, today and tomorrow. By leveraging AI, service providers can increase operations efficiencies, reduce downtime, and improve overall customer experience.

Analytics Transformation for Digital Infrastructure

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