Carrier-Grade C or L-Band 200G–400G Transport Blade

For regional and metro applications the compact, modular 1FINITY T700 blade enables service providers to deploy flexible, cost-effective C- or L-Band optical connections across new or existing fixed-grid or flex-grid networks.

With sophisticated modulation techniques and variable Forward Error Correction (FEC), the T700 blade can achieve a great balance of reach and capacity. Its high-speed State-of-Polarization tracking enables it to transmit 400G rates over fibers deployed close to bridges and railroad tracks where vibrations would otherwise prevent high-speed transmission.

Ideal for Fixed-Grid or Flex-Grid Networks

The 1FINITY T700’s 400 GbE 2 × 200G split-lambda transmission capability helps to extend the life of existing fixed-grid networks by offering 400 GbE services across them.

Streamlined Wavelength Planning and Design for Open Line System Deployment

To use the T700 in an Open Line System (OLS), you can streamline alien wavelength planning and design with the Fujitsu Virtuora® OLS Designer software tool. This tool gathers in-service field measurements and uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud-native microservices to model and analyze existing line systems and accurately predict the performance of the T700 on other vendors’ line systems.

Product Datasheet

T700 Datasheet

1FINITY™ T700 Blade at a Glance

  • Modular 1RU blade design
  • Maximum 1.6 Tbps capacity per blade
  • Up to 16 × 100 GbE (QSFP28) or 4 × 400 GbE (QSFP56-DD) client ports
  • 4 × 200/300/400G network ports
  • 400 GbE 2 × 200G split-lambda transmission
  • Fully tunable C- band or L-band options
  • High-speed State-of-Polarization tracking
  • Virtuora, CLI script, SNMP, and NETCONF management
  • Automation-readiness tools

Integrates with Third-Party Control and Orchestration Platforms

All 1FINITY blades use a Linux-based operating system, along with SNMP and the NETCONF protocol. This provides an easy and accessible way to integrate third-party network control and service orchestration platforms.

Ready for Network Automation

With open APIs and YANG models, the T700 easily fits into SDN architecture, such as the Fujitsu Virtuora Cloud solution. This cloud-native software platform incorporates network planning and design, dynamic provisioning, path computation, and management.

To further simplify management, control and automation of large sites requiring many transponders or muxponders, the T700 can be connected to the 1FINITY C220 Communications Integrator. The C220 provides the capability to combine up to 36 T700 blades into a single logical node that presents one IP address to the SDN controller.

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