NETSMART 1200 Ethernet Service Manager

NETSMART 1200 Ethernet Service Manager

Simplify Ethernet Management

As Carrier Ethernet becomes the dominant technology for delivering high-quality communications network service, the need for Ethernet service management software that enhances productivity becomes paramount.

The NETSMART 1200 system provides service management, end-to-end provisioning, and open interfaces for the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE 7120 and 5310 platforms. This system enables network operators to increase programmability, automation and network control. This helps improve infrastructure efficiency, speeds delivery of profitable services, and enables more highly scalable, flexible network solutions that readily adapt to changing business needs.

NETSMART 1200 offers the following benefits:

  • Standardized, consistent service definitions
  • Service templates streamline service definition
  • Provides a standardized and consistent approach that eliminates the potential for human error while reducing the time required to provision services
  • Automated activation and assistance with service provisioning
  • Automated assistance simplifies endpoint and intermediate connection point selection
  • Graphically displays available nodes and available ports, with mouse clicks replacing onsite configuration of network elements and alleviating the complexities of CLIs
  • Rapid information retrieval
  • Comprehensive information-bundling capabilities enable network operators to understand the services they deliver, how their customers utilize them, the status and performance of these services, and the resources used to deliver them
  • Enables operators to quickly determine which customers are affected and how to respond
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