8 × 24 WSS CDC ROADM Add/Drop Blade

The 1FINITY L140 Add/Drop blade brings performance, scalability, and flexibility to busy ROADM hub and ring sites. As a member of the 1FINITY L-Series, the blade helps operators to right-size their ROADM networks. The L140 is specifically designed to provide higher-capacity support for larger sites and those that need longer reach.

High-Performance, Massive Expandability, Long Reach

Controlled by the 1FINITY L130 ROADM-on-a-BLADE, the gridless, Colorless Directionless, Contentionless (CDC) L140 blade features twin 8 × 24 high-performance, low-noise Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) capability. Unlike older multicast switches (MCS), the L140 WSS eliminates Out-of-Band (OOB) interference and avoids splitters/ and couplers to greatly reduce noise.

High-Capacity, Large-Scale Options for Growing Metro/Regional Networks

The L140 blade can accommodate any flex-grid channel width across all 24 ports, enabling it to expand to baud rates far beyond any available today. By adding L140 blades to an existing 4-degree CDC ROADM node based on the L220 add/drop blade typically used for smaller sites, the flexible L140 can increase site capacity up to 144 add/drop channels. In addition, L140 blades can be deployed in concert to provide up to 600 ports per ROADM node. This superior scalability supports network operators in right-sizing their ROADM networks.

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Datasheet:1FINITY L140

1FINITY™ L140 Blade at a Glance

  • Gridless CDC ROADM add/drop blade
  • Supports up to 8 ROADM degrees
  • Contentionless low-loss, low-noise WSS
  • Up to 600 CDC add/drop channels
  • True flex-grid implementation capable of full C-band

Performance and Scalability for Right-Sizing the ROADM Network

The 1FINITY L-Series blades together offer multiple configuration options and migration paths to right-size the spur, ring and hub sites in your ROADM network. L-Series blades offer an economical mix of active and passive blades in a modular, pay-as-you-grow architecture that supports efficient network design without sacrificing flexibility. With Fujitsu’s 1FINITY L-Series, you have the freedom to choose an interoperable ROADM solution that meets your needs today, while remaining open to future functionality enhancements and capacity expansion.

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1FINITY L140 Data Sheet
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