12RU Open Line System with continuous 2 x 32 C+L-band ROADM

1FINITY L900 Series


Extreme scale & performance in a sustainable Open Line System platform

The 1FINITY L900 Series is a 1FINITY Ultra Optical System platform. The L900 Open Line System (OLS) features a 2 × 32 continuous C+L-band ROADM-on-a-blade, 16 × 8 continuous C+L-band Multicast Switch (MCS) channel add/drop, and C+L-Band forward and backward Raman amplifiers.

1FINITY L900 key benefits

  • Improves signal strength and quality
  • Reduces cabling complexity with innovative fiber cable architecture
  • Reduces power demand and footprint
  • Expedites installation and troubleshooting
  • Enhances fiber type detection and status monitoring

1FINITY L900 Open Line System at-a-glance

  • 80% less power consumption & 50% footprint reduction versus bolt-on C+L-band Open Line Systems (OLS)
  • 40% reach or capacity advantage using forward Raman amplifier
  • Up to 90% fiber cabling reduction
  • Automated fiber health check and optical performance validation
  • Automated error-free installation and system turn-up
  • Industry’s highest capacity – 1.64 Pbps total throughput
  • Industry-leading density – 16 degrees in less than two racks

Hyper-reliable terabit optical networking

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    Easier physical installation

  • Blog: Enhanced Sustainability & Terabit Networking. That's Cool!

    Better fiber utilization

  • Infographic: Hyper-reliability evolution

    Simplified network planning

  • Video: Hyper-reliable networks

    Faster services

The L900 chassis with pre-installed plug-in units (PIUs)

1FINITY L910 & 920 Raman ILAs for high signal quality & long reach

L910 small inline amplifier chassis

The L910 is a 14RU ILA chassis that provides:

  • Continuous C+L-Band dynamic ILA
  • 1 × communications slot (COM)
  • 2 × MCU slots (work and protect)
  • 1 × D-ILA slot
  • 1 × backwards Raman slot
  • 1 × universal Raman slot (forward or backward)
  • 5 × fan units (front side)
  • DC power terminal (front side)

L920 large inline amplifier chassis

The L920 is an 18.5RU ILA chassis that provides:

  • Continuous C+L-Band dynamic ILA
  • 1 × communications slot (COM)
  • 2 × MCU slots (work and protect)
  • 1 × D-ILA slot
  • 2 × backward Raman slots
  • 2 × forward Raman slots
  • 7 × fan units (front side)
  • DC power terminal (front side)

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