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RAV (BS2000)

System Resource Accounting for the Data Center

Current version: V5.1

RAV is an accounting tool for billing usage of resources on a user-specific basis. RAV evaluates the accounting records of systems and products in the form of resource types.
Examples of accounting data collected per task and priced for the BS2000 operating system and for the BS2000 products VM2000, HSMS, SESAM/SQL-Server, openUTM and openFT include the following:
  • CPU time in milliseconds,
  • CPU time normalized with RPF (Relative Performance Factor) in milliseconds,
  • job runtime,
  • number of jobs,
  • number of spoolout lines,
  • total disk storage space used.

RAV features includes:

  • Manually captured supplementary data (e.g. block times, field support, human resources allocated, non-monetary resources) and accounting data generated in a different operating system can be imported via a dedicated interface.
  • All resources and services provided are billed to data center customers according to predefinable configuration or user tariffs.
  • RAV generates a variety of accounting listings, including individual and aggregate resource usage reports and process- and session-related statistics. 
  • Data centers running multiple systems can perform centralized resource accounting on a single selected system. The RAV-BAS-M selectable unit is used for this.