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ScanSnap Compatibility with macOS Sierra

latest announcement (October 6th, 2016)

Problems regarding the compatibility with macOS Sierra have been found.
Please do not use ScanSnap applications on macOS Sierra. Also, before upgrading your OS to macOS Sierra, please be sure to make a backup copy of the PDF files created by using ScanSnap applications.
We will provide you the solution to these issues as soon as available.

  1. Units concerned
    All ScanSnap scanners including ScanSnap Evernote Edition
  2. Problems found by our investigation
    1. Some pages of the PDF files that have been generated with ScanSnap applications may become blank pages when they are edited or converted to searchable PDF files on macOS Sierra.
      Also, B&W pages are saved as color pages on the OS, and accordingly the size of the files becomes larger.
    2. Some pages of the PDF files that are created with ScanSnap applications on macOS Sierra may be saved as blank pages.
      Also, the size of B&W pages becomes larger than it should be because they are saved as color pages on the OS.
    3. When images are exported to an application through Quick Menu on macOS Sierra, the images may be displayed as blank pages on the preview screen of the application.
    4. Some pages may be deleted when Merge Pages of ScanSnap Organizer is carried out on macOS Sierra.
    5. When duplex scanning is carried out on macOS Sierra, data on the back side of the scanned cards are not imported to CardMinder.
  3. Schedule
    A fix for the above problems is expected to be made available in the middle of October, 2016.