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Keep your business running

Do you need more endurance? Fujitsu servers and storage will keep your business running.

What would you do without your core company data - or without customer contacts or information for production? It is good to rely on a trusted advisor with long-term IT know-how! We have more than 50 years of experience in storage, mainframe and large server architectures resulting in high system performance and robustness. We have a very high share of our own developments and aim for continuous improvements that result in high-quality products delivering reliable operations to ensure the best service levels with extremely low annual failure rates. This all comes with a low amount of migration effort and simple and fair licensing.

To minimize unplanned downtimes, our enterprise-class PRIMERGY serversOpen a new window offer built-in RAS featuresOpen a new window (reliability, availability, serviceability). Even the entry-level systems have availability values of 99.997%. Choosing PRIMERGY servers means investment protection at its best. We have searched for the oldest PRIMERGY server which is still running and have found a 17 year old server that is still fulfilling its tasks.

Where to buy?

Are you a Fujitsu reseller?

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Should a failure occur, you can rely on our storage solutions that are designed in a totally fail-safe manner. They include redundant components and can be implemented in DR scenarios. We make sure that your data can be rebuilt very quickly – even in a disaster situation. Do you need 100% data availability? How about a solution that is even more cost-efficient than storage virtualization? Check out the ETERNUS DX with storage cluster functionality!

Our Space

“We have been using PRIMERGY servers for more than 15 years without downtime! That‘s what I call quality!”

Uros Lampret, Procurator, Our Space Appliances d.o.o., Slovenia

Data Recovery: Winners prepare for success and setbacks.
But high availability is not enough. Let´s talk about backup in addition to the traditional way of backing up data using a tape system such as ETERNUS LT, there is indeed a more efficient way: Use a data protection appliance with deduplication.
The ETERNUS CS800 is easy to handle, manage and administrate.

Maybe you prefer an integrated backup appliance with deduplication? This means the backup appliance comprises everything needed to run backups: hardware, software and service. Check out the advantages of this all-in-one approach on our ETERNUS CS200c websiteOpen a new window.

Krones AG

“We are planning to roll out the ETERNUS CS800 systems to our international offices, which are relatively small and do not have their own IT personnel. This would allow us to ensure data security without needing someone with IT knowledge to change the tapes.”

Gerd Neuland, Head of Data Center, Krones AG

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