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Fujitsu Backup as a Service

Safeguard your data with a highly flexible, fast and efficient cloud-based backup and recovery service your business can rely on.

Fujitsu Backup as a Service (BaaS) provides a fail proof, cloud-based backup and recovery service. Delivered from the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform, it offers the levels of speed, convenience and reliability demanded by organizations today.

Available on-demand and via an intuitive self-service interface, it empowers your business with the centralized control to:
  • Monitor and manage your backups
  • Store and optimize backup data
  • Enable rapid and effective recovery

Fujitsu Backup as a Service can help:

  • Secure your data - with the highest levels of protection using industry standard and FIPS compliant encryption for all data, both in transit and at rest. Data is only accessible by authorized end-users within your business using a pre-set encryption key.
  • Reduce backup times - the service takes advantage of industry leading EVault software to ensure the most efficient use of your bandwidth – adjusting the compression rates dynamically.
  • Optimize your storage footprint - the entire dataset is captured on the first backup - with only changed blocks of data captured on subsequent backup, reducing the size of each backup by up to 98%.
  • Reduce management complexity - with an intuitive self-service interface that makes it easy to configure backup schedules, select retention periods, view job progress and alerts – and perform restores.
  • Gain greater flexibility - by taking advantage of a monthly subscription service that can be scaled as your data grows, reducing your capital expenditure and total cost of ownership.
Backup as a Service is the ideal backup solution for small to medium sized organizations looking for a smarter way to protect their data - or for large enterprises seeking to augment their existing approaches.

Why Backup as a Service from Fujitsu?

Backup as a Service builds on Fujitsu’s breadth and depth of expertise - and more than 30 years of experience in the delivery of backup and recovery services to private and public sector organizations across the globe. Today we manage over 250,000 servers and 196 Petabytes of data for our clients worldwide. However complex your requirements, it means we have the skills to support you.

Unlike other cloud-based backup solutions available, BaaS is a fully proven solution offering efficient and secure data transfer - and the confidence you’ll be able to recover your data should the worst happen.

We've designed the service to empower your business with advanced control over its backup and recovery processes, making data protection easy, secure and cost-effective:
  • Benefit from a single, globally accessible self-service portal, available in English, French, Spanish & German languages.
  • Gain access to the expertise and support you need to maximize the value of BaaS to your business with our 24x7 Service Desk.
  • Leverage leading edge storage and virtualization technologies, including best-of-breed cloud-connected software from Seagate EVault - without the capital expenditure.
  • Offers the highest levels of performance and redundancy, delivering hosted and managed vaults via the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform - with replication to an alternate vault in the next closest region to ensure geographically dispersed backup locations.
  • Can be used to support your migration from traditional hosting or other cloud hosting to the Fujitsu Cloud. 
Backup as a Service is a fully proven enterprise class solution offered on a pure pay-as-you-go commercial model with no minimum commitment. Through Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform we can provide you with the assurance of exactly where your data will reside.

Backup as a Service complements Fujitsu’s range of Data Protection services - including traditional approaches to backing up IT. It means we can support the different needs of organizations - from the simple to the most complex requirements, from the smallest SMEs to the largest enterprises - all the time, ensuring total data protection coverage.