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  4. ‘I Know IT’Grows Business With Robust And Scalable Cloud Infrastructure That Supports Its Managed Service Expertise

‘I Know IT’Grows Business With Robust And Scalable Cloud Infrastructure That Supports Its Managed Service Expertise

"Fujitsu’s reliable infrastructure and excellent vendor support has allowed us to deliver scalable and secure cloud environments to our existing clients. Plus enable expansion into the demanding 24 hour document security and process handling needs of the Legal market."

James Vickery, CEO, I Know IT, Australia

The customer

After more than eleven years, I Know IT, headquartered in the Sydney suburb of Balmain, has built up a thriving IT Services business. Their dedicated team of qualified IT Specialists provide support across a range of IT Infrastructures and industries including Legal, Accounting, and Logistics. With a focus on maintaining expert knowledge of the IT industry, and communicating clearly with their clients, they have built a reputation as a dependable, reliable and innovative IT Services provider.

I Know IT has also developed specialist expertise in the needs and functions of legal companies. Here secure document storage, and 24/7 access to data and practice management applications are seen as essential to meet the practice needs of solicitors and their legal assistants.

The challenge

To build a successful service platform based on a unified infrastructure, high levels of platform reliability, robust virtualization, high levels of data security and data sovereignty, excellent support, plus a reliable vendor relationship.

The solution

A unified Cloud infrastructure based on Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers, ETERNUS storage systems and the virtualization engine VMware. Microsoft Exchange services and other line of business applications were implemented in the private cloud environment while other services are provided via hybrid links to public cloud services.

The benefit

  • The new Cloud environment provides scalability and flexibility in IT service business expansion in the Legal and other markets.
  • Creates a seamless infrastructure for each business client.
  • Enables a robust and more tailored business safety net not provided in public clouds.


Download the I know IT case study (185 KB/A4, 2 pages)