Fujitsu will help you to create a Smart Workplace environment by analyzing and understanding your situation while focusing on your business requirements. And, as your strategic partner we will be creating a Digital Roadmap together with you, helping you achieve your business goals by integrating different business applications, platforms and network infrastructure so that you can effectively connect and collaborate inside your company, with partners and customers.

Workplaces are evolving with the rise of digital technology and demands of millennials
Nowadays the technology and work style of the new workforce generation are the key drivers accelerating evolution of the workplace.
  • Collaboration Solutions
    Bringing cutting edge technology allowing employees to work together even from a variety of remote sites, with modern experience in meeting rooms
  • Mobile and Security Solutions
    Providing freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime and on any devices without compromising security
  • Building Management Solutions
    Creating working environments suitable for humans and reducing your environmental footprint
Fujitsu Smart Workplace is a solution suite that helps organizations transform traditional offices to be workplaces for the future workforce. Below are solutions within this suite.

Improve Productivity & User Experience Collaboration Solutions
  • Voice/ Video/ Web Conference
  • Email, Calendar & Content Sharing
  • Smart Meeting Rooms
  • Smart Reservations
Use Cases
  • Collaborate in cyber workplaces
  • Conference anywhere & on any device
  • Find & reserve meeting rooms easily with enough criteria and requirements
  • Analyze meeting room utilization
  • Share ideas on the same digital whiteboard remotely
  • Do presentations over WIFI

Enhanced Mobility & Security Mobile and Security Solutions
  • Hot desk Reservation
  • EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management)
  • ATP (Advanced Threat Protection)
  • SIEM (Security information and Event Management) etc.
Use Cases
  • Mobile workplace
  • Prevent unauthorized access to enterprise assets on mobile devices
  • Protect unknown & sophisticated attacks
  • Monitoring, correlation of events & alerts

Human Wellness & Green Office Building Management Solutions
  • Smart Printing & Document Management
  • Co2 Monitoring & Air-conditioning control
  • Auto Lighting & Energy Management etc.
  • Self Service Visitor Management System
Use Cases
  • Store and manage documents in digital format
  • Control and monitor user printing
  • Control air quality and temperature
  • Turn meeting room lights and blinds on/off. automatically according to meeting schedule

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