Enhanced Mobility & Security

Is your workplace equipped to offer mobility without compromising security?

The workplace is demanding greater mobility and security for its workers than ever. With lines blurring between work and personal lives and the need to work from anywhere, mobility has come to be the norm. Organizations are starting to adopt BYOD but want to do so without compromising the business. This is creating a larger need for enhanced device management and self-service when using mobile devices through the adoption of innovative business applications.

Fujitsu offers workplace solutions to enhance the mobility of organizations by providing meeting room and hotdesk reservation ability remotely from any device. Mobile application and device management can also be delivered to ensure wireless networks are accessible to the right people anyplace anytime.

Enhance mobility and security in the workplace

Secure workplace – harnessing the power of innovation

In today’s digital age, businesses need easy yet secure access to facilities for not just their own employees, but customers, partners and other visitors. Our advanced technologies such as RFID cards, biometric authentication and remote monitoring of visitors and digital attendance tracking provide this.

There are new technologies to detect suspicious behavior and alert security personnel without the need for the constant manual monitoring of the past.

Fujitsu offers a leading model for ensuring security in the workplace, end to end solutions covering advanced protection and detection, monitoring, response, traffic and log analysis, as well as physical surveillance using innovative technologies. We are uniquely positioned to prevent unauthorized access and protect against unknown and sophisticated attacks.

Why choose Fujitsu’s technology, services and solutions?

Collaboration with the right technology partner can create a more powerful digital transformation program. Our co-creation program has developed out of the decades of experience we have had working with organizations in Japan and around the globe.

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