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Enhancing Business Potential and Collaboration Through Technology

“When Ananda decided to move to the Ananda Campus, Fujitsu was one of the partners that help us implement the IT solutions. I think, from that point on, the relationship grow from a business partner to become more like a friendship.”

Mr. Lloyd Vatanakovarun, Executive Director, Ananda Development Public Company Limited

Thailand’s real estate industry faced many challenges, from tough competitions to a pressure to develop quality residential projects and unique customer needs. Over the past several years, Ananda Development Public Company Limited is considered to be one of the most successful real estate operators in Thailand. As the leader of the housing development for urban lifestyle, the company maintains its leading position in condominiums connected to BTS.

Throughout the years, Ananda Development Public Company Limited has grown rapidly in terms of both business and technology development, becoming a leader in real estate near BTS, technology, and innovation for urban lifestyles.

Ananda emphasizes on merging innovation and new technologies into all elements of the real estate industry, from design to construction, as well as finance, marketing and various facilities within the project. Ananda intends to provide its best offers to customers and advance urban lifestyle through countless innovations.

"Ananda Development aimed to be the number one condominium developer near mass transition system. And we achieve that target. Currently, we aim to be an urban living solution company, meaning that Ananda can help improve lives in urban area. That’s become our passion.” Mr. Lloyd Vatanakovarun, Executive Director of Ananda Development Public Company Limited said, " Business landscape is getting tougher everyday. Acquiring lands is getting more costly and harder. So the differentiation in term of product qualities and services become very important. We have tried to seek our way to differentiate in those areas. Technology’s become tools for us to pursue in that strategy."

Enhance Business Potential with Technology

Ananda places importance on technology which is another key asset in creating changes and improving business operations. In order to push Ananda to become more urbanize, Ananda UrbanTech strategy was implemented to innovate and develop technology to raise the standard that drives the organization and its numerous projects.
"Technology helps companies operate better, smarter, and more efficiently, especially for Ananda. When we moved to the Ananda Campus, we used technology to collaborate better and to provide better services for our customers. At the same time, we use technology to work together in a much more efficient way. And technology could become the new business opportunities into the future as well." said Lloyd.

Ananda Campus is known as one of Asia's smartest offices, tearing down obsolete rules and limitations of old offices. Countless redesigns are implemented, such as public areas for activities, variety of work areas and the concept of “Hot Desk”, allowing employees to reserve and move seats to change the working atmosphere whenever they want.

" When we design Ananda Campus, we’ve surveyed to determine how many meeting rooms we would be having. To use the meeting rooms efficiently, we needed a system to book them. That’s why we worked with Fujitsu to design the system that can help employees book meeting rooms whether via kiosk screens or a mobile application. We decided to adopt Microsoft 365. Also, we use Skype to facilitate the video call within Thailand offices as well as overseas offices."

Collaboration Leads to New Ideas and Opportunities

Ananda's corporate culture emphasizes on collaboration, allowing employees to use the common area or Town Hall for recreational use or sharing knowledge and experiences among themselves. This also includes common tables used for small meetings without the need for a meeting room. These common tables are vital in constantly creating new ideas.

“At Ananda Campus, we have the Town Hall area and we design workstations more like a Co-Working Space that people can interact with one another better" added Lloyd.

Fujitsu, More Than an IT Partner.

For the company to focus fully on the real estate business, Ananda decided to outsource various IT systems to external experts. Ananda has chosen Fujitsu (Thailand) Company Limited to oversee the firm’s entire IT operations.

"When Ananda decided to move to the Ananda Campus, Fujitsu was one of the partners that help us implement the IT solutions. I think, from that point on, the relationship grow from a business partner to become more like a friendship. "said Lloyd.

Never Stop Innovating

Amid the fierce competition in the real estate business, Ananda never ceases to continuously develop and innovate the organization. Mr. Lloyd concluded, " Ananda is moving into the digital front more and more. We see the importance of analyzing data so that we can understand our customers better. And also to improve our process, whether they be the construction, customer services, or how to link together in term of communications.

We are looking into Building Information Modeling or BIM. We are also looking into Artificial Intelligence in constructions. Those are the things that we are currently pursuing to gain competitive advantage in the business and also to serve our customers much better."

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Ananda Development Public Company Limited

Address: 2525 FYI Center Building, 11th Floor, Rama IV Road, Khlong Toei Sub-district, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok
Established: 2009
Employees: 1000

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