Building Management Solutions for Human Wellness & Green Office

Is your workplace optimized for human wellness and the environment?

User experience is one of the key factors influencing attracting and keeping skilled younger workers. The introduction of new innovative technology in the workplace is changing how humans are empowered to connect with each other not only to optimize business but also to lead a fulfilling work life. The benefits of simplified unified user experience in the workplace bring great rewards for organizations wanting to improve the satisfaction and engagement of their employees.

Fujitsu offers innovations to improve user experiences in workplaces such as smart lighting, remote control of light entry via blinds, air sensors to assist in control of Co2, temperature and humidity, and other technologies to guide and monitor comfort for employees.

Green office

In today’s age of limiting power usage to conserve precious resources, workplaces can utilize innovations to benefit from centralized management of power, as well as limiting power consumption.

Automatic control of brightness and ability to switch lighting on/off remotely can achieve similar goals. Modernization of meetings rooms opens up a range of possibilities to achieve these goals.

Why choose Fujitsu’s technology, services and solutions?

Collaboration with the right technology partner can create a more powerful digital transformation program. Our co-creation program has developed out of the decades of experience we have had working with organizations in Japan and around the globe.

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